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Meticulous treasure hunters pore over
every inch of their search area. We do the same with cleverly selected search strategies. An in-depth, well-planned approach to find unexpected candidates. Strictly according to plan.

Gold Miner


The phrase ‘leave no stone unturned’ fits perfectly. We demonstrate the same high level of motivation when it comes to searching for professionals. We draw out hidden candidates using a specific five-point plan.

The first point involves analysing in depth where exactly the expecta­tions are in order to develop the best

search strategy in combination with our own market knowledge. Point two is the research through our databases and networks accompanied by eye­catching adverts in selected media.

We then screen the applications and hold personal interviews with the most appropriate applicants. The customer receives a shortlist of the remaining candidates. The fourth point is bringing together the applicants and the customer.

We are also happy to bring our experience into these discussions, if so desired. We also provide our support, if required, during the contract negotiations. This is the fifth and final step.