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Executive Search.

We have particularly clever search-techniques for the upper echelons. Our most important tool is the direct approach.
We analyse the situation systematically, sound out candidates confidentially and identify the best candidates for the job.


The search for perfect managers and specialists is a particular challenge for companies. We have created a suc­cessful way of tackling this challenge, the five-stage executive search.

In the first stage we listen, analyse requirements and needs and identify the appropriate industries, companies and people by talking to our custo­mers.

The second step involves systemati­cally working through the market, finding further candidates and crea­ting a long list of applicants.

Selected candidates are approached directly but discreetly in stage three. If they are interested, personal inter­views clarify whether the person meets the expertise and personality requirements sought. The customer then receives a shortlist of the best candidates.

In stage four, we coordinate the meetings between the customer and the candidates. We also take part in these presentations, if so desired. We also actively provide our experience and market know­ledge if required during the contract negotiations. This is the fifth and final step.