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Management Audit.

The finesses of successful treasure hunting – applied for the evaluation of management and -teams. We assess personal potential and explore organisational opportunities, which enables us to demonstrate new approaches for company development.

Management Audit


Profound skills are not only crucial when it comes to finding the right people. Our well-proven and tested methods and a keen sense for people makes us also perfect for the Management Audit.

Here we support companies in all elements of conception, organisation and implementation. We meticulo­usly and systematically analyse the expertise and services of managers

and their interaction as a team.

After thoroughly clarification of expectations and starting situation we approach all the key players as a neutral third party, creating transparency and comparability. We also use proven management diagnostics instruments, such as partially structured interviews, potential analyses through to indi­vidually created business cases.

For the result we first carry out a comparison against the company targets. The customer receives reports about each person and an overall assessment of the team from us.

We also provide follow-up feedback discussions for managers, which enables a secure foundation for the future strategy and direction of the company.